• I feel privileged to have been engaged in the full-time practice of providing individual and couples counseling, for people ages 18 through adult, for over 10 years. Licensed to practice in the fields of Clinical Social Work and Addictions in both Texas and Florida, I currently maintain LCSW in both states, and LCDC (Licensed Chemical Addictions Counselor) in Texas.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Mood disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and others)
    • Difficulty communicating, within a specific relationship or in general
    • Substance abuse or concerns
    • Self-acceptance and learning assertiveness
    • Relationship challenges
    • Goal setting and achievement
    • Difficult life-style adjustments
    • Concerns that relate to sexual orientation
    • Transgender issues
    • Meditation and life in the present moment

    Marginalized Gender Orientations and Identities

    My experience with LGBTQAI, or MOGI, populations and issues predates professional practice, and even college. My parents had identical professional education, training, and employment titles, and shared equally in household responsibilities. Growing up, I learned more each passing year about the many social expectations that are solely based on “real” or perceived maleness or femaleness. I could never make these supposed expectations fit with my lived experience. It was not until I learned that people aren’t always clearly male or female that reality started to make more sense. Social expectations, however, did not. If any of the above makes sense to you, we will likely be a good fit as client and therapist.


    Extensive experience helping people who are having a hard time controlling their substance use (alcohol and/or other drugs), or having a hard time in a relationship because of a behavior that others believe has become problematic (e.g. gambling, internet pornography, use of interactive sex sites, FaceBook addiction, etc.). Some may want to stop the behavior, others want to learn how to moderate it. Many don’t know which they want, but know that something needs to change. No matter what your feelings about the issue are, I will help support you in sorting things out. I do not hold a 12-step bias, and will help you work with what works for you.